CT State and College University System/UConn Spring 2020 Reimbursement Updates

March 27, 2020

For those enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester courses at state institutions, please see updates below.

The following information is courtesy of the respective institution:

Central Connecticut State University:

  • Resident students will be reimbursed for room and meal plan charges for the remainder of the semester.
  • Student-workers, work-study students, graduate assistants, and co-op students: unless you have received specific direction from your supervisor, do not report to work. You WILL be paid, based on your average weekly earnings through the end of the semester.
  • According to a statement on March 25, Sheridan Residence Hall will be utilized by the state, and it is likely that CCSU will be asked to provide additional space for state use.
  • Bursar update: “By March 31, we will refund room and board charges, including resident and commuter meal plans, to cover the period of March 23 through the end of the Spring 2020 term. After crediting your account, if you are due additional money, we will issue the refund via direct deposit or a paper check sent in the U.S. mail. For further updates as this process evolves, please visit the Bursar’s website at https://www.ccsu.edu/bursar.”

Western Connecticut State University:

  • Any student who has ordered a full set of academic regalia or portions of it (e.g., 2020 tassel, stole, etc.) will receive a full refund.  Please watch for an email from the Director of Alumni Relations about next steps in the refund process.
  • However, any student who is still interested in purchasing a full set of academic regalia or portions of it will be able to do so. The online portal is closed, but we will share ordering information here as soon as it is finalized. These orders will be made available to students after July 1 and will be mailed to you with your diploma.
  • From WCSU: “WCSU will be processing prorated credits for housing and meal plans to student accounts by March 31, 2020. After this process, any student with a credit balance will receive a refund. If a student has an outstanding unpaid balance, the credit will be used to address the balance. The Cashier’s Office will notify students when their refund has been processed.  Please send any questions to [email protected].  WCSU appreciates your patience during these difficult times. However, it is important to note that WCSU will not refund tuition and fees because we are converting to an online instruction model for the remainder of the term in order to complete the coursework that our students have begun this semester.  In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled by the university, we will provide further information about refunds to impacted students.”

Eastern Connecticut State University:

  • March 24 updated: “Eastern is refunding residential housing and meal plan charges covering the balance of the spring 2020 semester. Prorated credits will be applied toward each applicable student account by March 31, 2020. After any outstanding unpaid balance is deducted, any remaining credit balance will be refunded by the Bursar’s Office.
  • Refunds will be issued via direct deposit if you have set up the e-Refund option in your student account. We strongly recommend this option as the fastest way to receive your refund.
  • To set up the e-Refund option:
    • Go to e-Web
    • Go to your Student Account
    • Select Refunds in the top menu
    • Follow the prompts
  • Refunds will be issued by paper check, payable to the student, if the e-Refund option has not been set up.
  • Parents will be issued refund checks if the credit balance is due to a Parent Plus Loan and the parent has requested a refund issued in their name at the time of the loan.
  • Accounts paid by third-party agencies such as the Connecticut Department of Children and Families will be issued a refund payable to the third-party agency.
  • Students on payment plans will have their plan adjusted to reflect any room and board credits. If you have scheduled an automatic payment that posts before we have adjusted your account, the refund will reflect your payment.
  • For questions or concerns, contact the Bursar’s Office at [email protected]

Southern Connecticut State University:

  • Please know the University is working on our process for refunds for room and board for the remainder of the semester.   We must consider the complexities of federal financial aid as we work through this process.  We expect to have this figured out in the next week or two and will communicate directly with residential students with these details when we have them.  (announcement made March 17th)
  • March 24: “The University will be refunding room and board charges, including resident and commuter meal plans, on a prorated basis for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. If after applying the credit to your account you are due a refund, the timing of receipt will depend on whether you have direct deposit or if the refund will be coming via mail.  The University appreciates your patience as we work through this complex process. At this time, we strongly encourage you to immediately sign up for Direct Deposit as this will expedite your refund.”


  • Updated as of March 25: The Board of Trustees voted unanimously today to authorize the University to make pro-rated refunds for housing, dining plans and Study Abroad programs that were discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Refund Resolution).
  • The payments will be credited on the fall semester’s fee bills, and that those who graduate or do not return to UConn for other reasons would receive refunds.