ACTION ALERT: Reduce Health Care Costs

March 4, 2020

Submit Testimony! Public Hearing on March 5th

On Thursday, March 5th the state legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee is holding a public hearing on a bill that contains three important proposals to make health care more affordable and accessible. The bill would:

  • Reduce the Cost of Insurance Premiums. The bill would implement a reinsurance program to reduce health care premiums. Access Health CT has estimated that this program would reduce health insurance premium costs from 5% – 20%, depending on the level of state investment.
  • Reduce Prescription Drug Costs. The bill would establish a prescription drug importation program in CT, administered by the Department of Consumer Protection, which will allow for the importation of safe and lower cost prescription drugs from Canada pending federal approval.
  • Control the Growth of Health Care Costs. The bill would implement health care cost growth benchmarking like the program that has successfully kept health care expenses from growing out of control in Massachusetts. Under Governor Charlie Baker’s cost containment policies, consumers have saved an estimated $5 billion since 2013.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Send a brief email ASAP to [email protected]
  2. Put “YES to Senate Bill 328. I support affordable and accessible health care.” in the subject line.
  3. Include your name and town.
  4. Feel free to attend the hearing on Thursday, March 5, 2020 11:00 AM in Room 2D of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave. Hartford.

Connecticut needs to improve access to affordable health care. The current system is not working for far too many people and we need to do more to reduce the cost of premiums and prescription drugs.

Last year certain health care reforms on the state level failed because it was an afterthought of Gov. Lamont and majority Democrats. It was the last issue on the last day. It should have been the first issue on the first day. This bill is the result of bipartisan efforts to identify and develop solutions. By submitting testimony, you can help urge lawmakers to take action this year.