Sen. Sampson Calls for Quasi Agency Reform

February 11, 2020

State Senator Rob Sampson takes the Oath of Office

HARTFORD – Senator Rob Sampson (R-16), lead Republican legislator on the Government Administration and Elections Committee, today spoke out about the proposed reforms to quasi-public agencies.

Sen. Sampson said, “The entire concept of quasi-public agencies is wrought with confusion as they attempt to walk the line between public and private sectors. Agencies relying on public funds deserve public-level oversight and accountability, thus they should provide maximum transparency.  If agencies want to enjoy (abuse) the luxuries of acting like a private company, then they should be funded privately, fully privatize and then the state government can and should stay out of their way.”

“To make needed strides toward solutions on quasi-public agencies, reforms must be made.  Governor Lamont has continually promised that he would intervene as scandal after scandal hit headlines, and his inaction is another unfulfilled promise to add to the list,“ added Sen. Sampson.

 Sen. Sampson pointed to the recent State Auditor report on the Connecticut Port Authority for unethical and frivolous spending and the Connecticut Lottery Commission’s federal investigation and excessive severance payments.


Senator Rob Sampson represents the residents of the 16th Senatorial District, which includes Prospect, Southington, Wolcott, and parts of Cheshire and Waterbury.