Public Hearing on Republican No-Tolls Transportation Plan MONDAY, March 2nd

February 29, 2020


We need to improve transportation in Connecticut, but tolls are NOT the solution.

Republicans have offered a solution, FASTR CT (Fiscal Accountability & Sustainable Transportation Reform CT), that would invest as much in transportation as the Democrats’ latest toll plan, but it works without tolls, without tax increases and with significantly less borrowing.

Submit Testimony in Support of FASTR CT. Help us fix transportation WITHOUT TOLLS.

  1. Send a brief email ASAP to [email protected].
  2. Put “YES to Senate Bill 271″ in the subject line.
  3. Include your name and town.
  4. Feel free to attend the hearing on Monday, March 2nd at 11:00 am in Hearing Room 1E in the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave. Hartford.

Learn more about FASTR CT here.

  • FASTR CT would create approximately 23,000 good paying jobs and begin road improvements immediately to help carry our economy through a recession generating nearly $38 billion in economic activity.
  • FASTR CT makes a down payment on the biggest financial problem our state is facing: our unfunded liabilities.
  • FASTR CT eliminates a large amount of high interest state borrowing. By reducing debt, we are providing relief from one of our most crushing burdens in both the short and long term.
  • FASTR CT would result in work starting immediately. We don’t need to wait for tolls or future approvals and there is no threat of lawsuits or challenges by other states. FASTR CT means we can work on shovel ready projects to move CT forward now.