Hwang: Let’s get to work on making a bright future for Connecticut

February 10, 2020

Sen. Hwang on Lamont’s State of the State Address: 

“Let’s get to work on making a bright future for Connecticut” 

Hartford – Governor Lamont addressed the General Assembly on Feb 5, giving a state of the state address to kick off the 2020 regular legislative session. 

Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) shares his thoughts on starting the session following the speech:

 “While Governor Lamont and I don’t always agree, I applaud Governor Lamont’s vision to keep a positive outlook and move forward toward solving problems.  I, myself, was called to serve because I share that same love and appreciation for this state and my community and a passionate desire to make life better for everyone in our state. “

 “Where the Governor and I differ is on how to achieve that positive future.  There are urgent challenges facing our state that need to be addressed.  Firstly, funding the needs of the state within the confines of the state budget – including improving our transportation infrastructure.  State government needs to collaborate and partner with our local municipalities, rather than mandating demands and policies without respecting local governance or input.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and address our budgetary constraints while reestablishing transparency and trust in state government.  We need to impose fiscal discipline to not only look for more revenue/taxes, but to live within our means and prioritize our spending. We need to reflect the values and principles of our households and businesses.  We need a government that is based on transparency, sustainability and predictability.”

“I was so proud to be a member of this General Assembly when the entire delegation rose to their feet and stood united in agreement with Governor Lamont when he said that this state will never tolerate hate, bigotry or crime against anyone’s gender, orientation, religion, race or disability.  There is no room for hate in Connecticut.”

 “Now, let’s get to work on making a bright future for Connecticut.”