The Real Story: State Sen. Kevin Kelly on healthcare, prescription prices and tolls [Fox61]

January 7, 2020

The middle class needs relief! Senator Kevin Kelly joined Fox61’s The Real Story to explain how CT can and should reduce the costs of health care and why he strongly opposes tolls. Click below to watch his interview or visit Fox61.

Sen. Kelly on Health Care: 

“Health care is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s a human issue and the current system is not working for far too many people. We need to reduce costs, make prescription drugs more affordable and improve access to care. CT lawmakers are continuing to work on a three pronged approach to do just that.”

Sen. Kelly on Tolls:

“Tolls are something I cannot support. Republicans have shown that we do not need tolls to invest in transportation by offering a no-tolls alternative that doesn’t look to the taxpayer’s wallet as the solution for all the state’s problems. The Republican plan can get us started on making improvements and growing jobs right away with no litigation like Rhode Island is now experiencing due to their truck-only tolls. The Republican transportation plan respects the sacrifices CT taxpayers have already made to fund transportation. Meanwhile, tolls puts taxpayers’ wallets in the bulls-eye.”