Senator Witkos Recognized by Connecticut Police Chiefs Asssociation with Legislative Award

January 20, 2020

Hartford, CT – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) has recently been recognized by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association with a Legislative Award.


“I am honored to be recognized by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association and grateful for their support of my efforts on behalf of law enforcement and public safety statewide.  As a former police officer myself, I know the challenges that men and women in uniform face and I am grateful for their efforts to keep our residents safe and protected at all times.  While I may no longer wear the uniform, being a police officer is an experience I’ll never forget” said Senator Witkos.


“The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association would like to thank you for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make as members of the police family.  You are held in great esteem by fellow officers and community leaders who recognize the magnitude of your special efforts on behalf of law enforcement and the public” said Chief Keith Mello, Milford Police Department, President of the Connecticut Police Chief Association.


“The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association recognizes the level of difficulty you face in making decisions on public safety issues.  These issues can be contentious at times and they require a balanced discussion, which you all have consistently practiced and promoted.  The favorable votes and commentary each of you have made on behalf of law enforcement both privately and publicly, continue to inspire and encourage officers to serve the public. Without your support as leaders, we would not attract the quality of candidates we actively recruit” added Chief LJ Fusaro, Groton Police Department, Chairman of the Legislative Committee for CPCA.

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association  is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the state of Connecticut, to aiding other government bodies within and external to the state of Connecticut in the administration of justice, ensuring that all are treated equally before the law.  Their membership is made up of Police Chiefs from across Connecticut


Senator Witkos (center) received a Legislative Award from the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association. From left: Chief Don Melanson (Windsor), Chief Paul Melanson (Farmington), Senator Kevin Witkos, Chief Keith Mello (Milford, CPCA President) Chief Scott Sansom (East Hartford)