Sen. Martin: “Car Tolls Are Clearly Next”

January 31, 2020

Sen. Martin questions the “trucks only” toll plan;


Senator Henri Martin (R-31), Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee, is raising questions about the Democrats’ “trucks only” toll proposal.

An informational hearing on the proposal will be held at the Legislative Office Building at 1:00 PM on Friday, Jan 31.

“The proposal leaves


the door wide open on extending tolls to cars in as few as two years from now,” Sen. Martin said.  “It allows an appointed council to increase toll rates without any check or balance from an elected body. Where is the  accountability to taxpayers? The bill limits which trucks can be tolled, but has no limits on rate increases. Where is the clarity? Lack of clarity on purpose. Car tolls are clearly next. Not only am I bothered by the vague nature of the proposal, but more so the manner in which it is being rushed through.”

Martin urged residents to weigh in.  Click here for how to have your voice heard.

Senator Henri Martin represents the residents of the 31st Senatorial District, which includes Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth and Thomaston.




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Sarah Clark