Fasano: “Show us the Plan.” Why is Lamont hiding tolls plan from press, public, rank-and-file Dems?

January 15, 2020

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) is questioning what Gov. Lamont is hiding from the public as he continues to refuse to share a copy of his latest tolls plan with the press, public, rank-and-file Democrats and all Republican lawmakers. The Senate Republican Office has reached out through letters and direct communication to the governor’s office multiple times since November and has yet to receive answers to any questions about the latest tolls plan.


“Earlier this week, Governor Lamont said he submitted a tolls bill to Democrat legislative leaders, but he won’t share it with the public, the press, rank-and-file Democrats, or any Republican lawmaker. Republicans have asked the governor’s office for details on the new plan repeatedly through letters and direct outreach and have still not received answers to any of our questions, let alone a copy of the bill,” said Fasano.


“If Gov. Lamont is confident in his plan, why won’t he share it with the public, or at the very least the lawmakers who he is asking to vote on it? What doesn’t he want us to know? I can only assume something is in the bill, or not in the bill, that he wants to keep away from the public. If the governor is as committed to transparency as he says he is, he needs to share his bill with the press, with the public and with all lawmakers immediately, Democrat and Republican, and stop playing games. We are talking about a $19 billion cost for state taxpayers, and there is zero transparency. It’s outrageous that Republicans cannot even get a response to our questions and lawmakers from both parties are being kept in the dark.”


Click below to view the letters sent by Republican lawmakers to Gov. Lamont seeking details on the governor’s latest toll plan.

Letter to Gov. Lamont & OPM Jan. 10th

Letter to OPM & Lamont Office Dec. 13th