Fasano Statement on 23% UConn Tuition Increases

December 5, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to the University of Connecticut announcing a 23.3% tuition increase to take place over the next five years.

“Yet again UConn, an institution that has long mismanaged its money, is asking for more from students. At the same time they are hiring more faculty and promising free tuition, they are raising tuition costs again on everyone. I believe making college more affordable and therefore more accessible to all students is a commendable goal. But clearly that’s not what UConn is doing. They are making new promises without a plan to pay for them. And tuition will increase yet again. UConn relies on hundreds of millions of dollars from state taxpayers annually. Tuition has increased every year since 2013 at an average rate of nearly 7%. UConn blames fringe benefits as the largest cost driver, but yet the university never spoke out against the SEBAC deal responsible for those costs. And I’m still waiting to see the UConn Foundation step up to raise funds to pay for the school’s transition to the Big East. It’s frustrating that UConn is becoming more and more difficult for young people to afford as new promises continue to be made.”