Fasano: Lamont Needs to Release Bonding Package, New Tolling Plan Today

December 4, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to an email sent by Gov. Lamont to legislative leaders seeking a December special session on four issues including a new tolling plan and bonding package that have yet to be shared with the public. Sen. Fasano also wrote to Gov. Lamont (letter attached) seeking the release of full details on his proposals.

“If the governor wants votes, we need answers and transparency. For months the governor has refused to share the bonding package with Republican lawmakers. And the public still has not been shown any details about the new House Democrat/Gov. Lamont combined tolling proposal. The governor needs to release his bonding package and new tolling plan in its entirety and he needs to do it today. The governor has spoken ad nauseum about transparency and working together, but actions speak louder than words. Right now, Gov. Lamont’s actions have been less transparent and less bipartisan than even Gov. Malloy.

“A special session on the hospital package and tip credit wage policy is appropriate for December. The wage legislation has been negotiated by all sides and has already had a public hearing. Lawmakers have also already been briefed on the hospital settlement, which still needs a public hearing and full vetting, but a vote is feasible for this month.”

Click to view letter to Gov. Lamont.