Fasano: Democrats’ Inaction on Transportation & Holding Snow Removal Funds Hostage Breaks More Promises, Further Damages Public Trust

December 18, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement today regarding the governor’s delay on voting on a transportation plan and continued withholding of snow clean up municipal aid and other bonding items as political leverage to garner toll votes.


“If transportation is so important, why are Democrats refusing to act? Why are they delaying session again on transportation and the state bonding package? Why are they refusing to deliver municipal snow removal funds to keep our local roads safe?


“It’s only the start of what’s looking like a very tough winter. Some towns have already had to close down schools four times. Towns and cities are counting on state bonding to help pay for snow clean up. But Gov. Lamont is refusing to deliver on that promise because he needs it as leverage for toll votes. How can we trust Democrats in government who continue to break promise, one after the other, when it suits their political needs?


“If Democrats don’t have the votes for tolls they should admit it to the public, and hold a vote on the Republican no-tolls transportation plan. Instead they are holding municipal aid hostage, hoping to pressure lawmakers into voting for tolls in exchange for needed funding. It’s dangerous politics that puts our towns, our roads, our bridges and our safety at risk.”


“Roads are getting worse by the day, towns are being starved of winter clean up funding, and Democrats are failing to deliver on their promises yet again. Republicans have a solution that does not involve tolls or tax increases that we should be voting on today.  It’s a path forward for our state but Democrats won’t act on it because of politics.”


Last week, Sen. Fasano and Rep. Klarides called for a public hearing and vote on the Republican no-tolls transportation plan and bonding package. They also criticized the governor for holding the bonding package hostage in his continued search for toll votes. View their statement: https://ctsenrepublic.wpengine.com/2019/12/fasano-klarides-transportation-bonding-votes-should-not-be-delayed/#.Xfjme4J8C70