Sen. Sampson Responds to Democrats Re-Boot of Trucks-Only Tolls

November 20, 2019

I will not support any transportation plan that includes tolls, tolls just for trucks, “temporary” tolls, or even “temporary tolls for trucks.”

No “user fees” either.

I will not support any transportation plan that requires any new sources of revenue from Connecticut taxpayers, including but not limited to sweeping any portion of the rainy day fund.

There is only one proper way to resolve our concerns regarding transportation infrastructure.

First, we need an independent assessment of exactly what needs to be repaired, updated, or created as far as transportation infrastructure. An “independent assessment“ means an accurate accounting of what the cost and time to repair will be by someone with the expertise to do so who will not be the recipient of such a contract. 

Then, and only after we know what we need to do, should we determine the plan for paying for it.

The current special transportation fund should have over $1 billion per year as a result of money from federal grants and the gas tax alone. I find it highly unlikely that we cannot pay for our transportation infrastructure needs without needing any more than this amount of money.

Part of the problem is that the special transportation fund is currently being used to pay for many other things including but not limited to DOT salaries, fringe benefits, and subsidies for train and rail. These items belong in the general fund budget which would free up the amount I indicated above.

I will not vote for any plan that essentially create a slush fund for either party to use for political purposes or to gain favor with special interests.