Our Solution: No Tolls and No Tax Hikes

November 14, 2019


In January of this past year, as ranking members of the Transportation Committee, Rep. Laura Devlin and I believed that if state taxpayers were provided with facts, they would reject the idea of tolls.

So we went to the people.

We held public forums.

We traveled to every corner of the state:  From Bristol, to Fairfield, Groton, Danbury and more.

We heard crystal clear: The people believed they were taxed enough.

Equally important: The people were very concerned about trusting government to manage a new revenue source.

Whether it is 82, 53 or 14 tolls, this much was clear:

The people do not want tolls because they are taxed enough and because of a lack of trust.

Today, I joined with CT Senate Republicans to provide a solution.

Without tolls or tax hikes.

Our proposal, Fiscal Accountability & Sustainable Transportation Reform CT (FASTR CT), shows a path forward to invest in transportation, adopt responsible fiscal policies and establish accountability without asking for more from overburdened taxpayers.

This plan puts the wishes of the Connecticut people first.

We hope it is embraced, so our state can move toward fiscal stability and take care of the state’s transportation infrastructure.

A full presentation is available at ctsenrepublic.wpengine.com.

Thank you!