Fasano to CT Democrats: “Go for it”

November 26, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to comments made by Governor Ned Lamont and Democrat legislative leaders following a meeting at the Governor’s residence regarding transportation.

“The comments made by legislative Democrats and Gov. Lamont following today’s meeting were nothing but political talking points defending their insatiable desire to tax people more. They want tolls, they want to borrow more, they want more tax revenue from Connecticut residents – on top of their new taxes on plastic bags and groceries. They do not want to work with Republicans to do what is truly best for our state and its residents. They want tolls. Period.

“We met today to have an open and honest conversation about how to improve transportation in the state of Connecticut. When Democrats emerged they showed their true colors, spewing divisive political attacks instead of engaging in an honest policy discussion. If Democrats don’t want Republican ideas, if they’d rather tax people to death, they should vote on their plan now. Their plan doesn’t add up and has countless serious issues at this point. Let’s be clear, this is the first incremental step to tolling cars. Their plan also is not sustainable, it will result in a lawsuit, and it will lead to increased costs on all products shipped through our state. But if that’s what they want, they have the majority. Put it up for a vote. Democrats, go for it.”