Fasano Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Comments on the House Democrats’ Truck Tolls Concept

November 20, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today responded to Governor Lamont’s comments made today stating that he is leaning toward the transportation offer suggested by House Democrats. House Democrats issued a press release yesterday offering the idea of trucks-only tolling without any further details.

“I cannot fathom how the governor can say he is leaning toward supporting a plan that does not even exist, based on an idea he has already rejected. House Democrats yesterday issued a press release, not a plan, containing a single number with no further details. And even that one number is dubious. Even Governor Lamont’s plan does not collect $150 million through tolls on trucks that House Democrats are claiming can be achieved. Not only is that number in question, but there are no further details as to how the House Democrats plan to balance the Special Transportation Fund, achieve the full amount needed for projects or how much bonding they are counting on. The House Democrats’ idea is nothing more than a lawsuit waiting to happen.

“The governor’s efforts to get leaders together are moving at a snail’s pace. If legislative leaders are not willing to make their schedules flexible, there is no chance we will be voting on any transportation plan before the next legislative session. Every day we delay means further damage to our state. The Special Transportation Fund’s solvency is in question.

“If the governor is serious about leaning toward a truck-toll proposal without any details, then I can only assume he is not serious about fixing transportation. He is only serious about installing tolls and any path that leads him to that end result.”