Connecticut Radiologists Honor Sen. Fasano

October 2, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) was honored by the Radiological Society of Connecticut (RSC) at an award ceremony last month for his leadership and accomplishments on health care issues.

“Senator Fasano has always been available to discuss healthcare issues with our members. He is knowledgeable, effective and transparent, and we appreciate that very much. Patients are benefitting from his important work in the Connecticut General Assembly,” said Thomas Farquhar, MD, legislative chair of the RSC.

Sen. Fasano has played a leading role in passing legislation that expands the range of breast cancer screenings that are available to patients and that ensures patient safety comes first in limiting radiation for imaging tests such as a CT Scan or MRI.

Sen. Fasano is a co-founder and has served as a co-chair of a bipartisan roundtable on hospitals and healthcare that has developed several important pieces of legislation including new laws to protect consumers from surprise billing in hospitals and other settings.

The award presentation was made by RSC at their semi-annual meeting in New Haven on September 24.

PHOTO ATTACHED: Senator Len Fasano, Radiological Society of CT (RSC) President, Dr. David Klein, and RSC Legislative Chair, Dr. Thomas Farquhar.