Senators Miner and Witkos Applaud the Senate Passage of HB 6643 an Act Concerning Regional Animal Control Shelters

August 28, 2019

Hartford—This evening, the state Senate unanimously passed HB 6643 An Act Concerning Regional Animal Control Shelters. The bill authorizes non-contiguous towns to utilize one animal control shelter. The bill has passed both chambers of the legislature and is on the way to the Governor’s desk.

“This bill has been before the legislature for a few years, and I’m hoping now it will become law,” said Senator Miner. “Animal control is one area where municipal governments can effectively combine their resources without losing local control. This is particularly important in the northwest corner, where many of the small towns are hoping to use the new Torrington Animal Control facility. It is my hope that this legislation will lead to more animals staying safe in a modern facility, at a lower cost to taxpayers.”
“As we continue to debate the merits of regionalized and shared services, it is important that the state enact policies that allow and encourage municipalities to enter into mutually beneficial agreements on their own accord. I am pleased this bill has passed the House and Senate and eagerly await the Governor’s signature on this bill”