Fasano Statement Responding to Criticism of CT Republicans at Hartford Rally

August 5, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to Connecticut Democrats criticizing Republicans for not attending a rally against gun violence today at the State Capitol. Neither Democrat legislative leaders nor Republican legislative leaders attended the event which they were notified about late last night.

“What happened in Dayton and El Paso are despicable acts of terrorism. My heart breaks for the family and friends of all the victims. This violence should be condemned and our nation should not let hate divide us.

“Here in Connecticut, we have the strongest gun laws in the country. We’ve shown what can be accomplished when you put politics aside and work together to negotiate real solutions. For certain Democrat politicians to stand up today and turn a rally against gun violence into a partisan, political attack on Connecticut Republicans is disturbing and shows their true colors.

“Some members of our Washington delegation would rather have a photo op than get to work negotiating policies to help our nation. When it comes to many issues, they would rather fight and play politics than work toward bipartisan solutions. These are the same Washington Democrats who have failed on immigration, failed on the opioid crisis, and failed on health care.

“Today our nation is mourning. Lawmakers in Washington should be having difficult and important policy conversations. But it should not be twisted into partisanship and politicking. That’s not the strategy that enabled Connecticut to accomplish all that we did. If Connecticut’s progress can teach Washington anything it is that politics should be checked at the door if you want real solutions.”