Senator Witkos Attends Wilderness School Graduation in Hartland

July 17, 2019

Senator Witkos (R-Canton) attended the graduation of attendees of the Wilderness School in Hartland.  The Wilderness School, operated by the Department of Children and Families, is a prevention, intervention, and transition program for adolescents from Connecticut. It is the only program of its kind operated and administered by a state in the entire country.

Each summer, students aged 13-18 embark upon expeditions in the outdoors throughout Northwest Connecticut for up to 20 days. Participants take part in programs that emphasize team-building, peer relations, self-reliance, responsibility, improved self-concept, and conflict resolution.

“I was honored to have attended the graduation ceremony of the young men who recently completed their 20 day expedition.  I have high hopes for their future  success and I am inspired by their accomplishments and personal growth.  The directors, instructors, support staff and all DCF employees who work to make the Wilderness School so successful and impactful on these young people’s lives are to be commended on their hard work and commitment to the program” said Senator Witkos.