“Show Us The Money, Gov. Lamont.” – Republicans Call Out Governor Lamont for Unbalanced Budget

June 13, 2019

Republican State Senators Continue to Demand Details
of $450 Million in ‘Honest’ Budget Savings from Gov. Lamont


HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) and Senate Deputy Republican President Pro Tempore Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) today continued to raise concerns about how more than $450,000,000 in state employee savings is accounted for in the still unsigned state budget bill.

“Show us the money, Gov. Lamont,” Sen. Fasano said.  “Show us the $450,000,000.  We have repeatedly asked for details on exactly how this nearly half a billion dollars is saved. We have heard crickets in response. Gov. Lamont promised that the budget numbers would add up.  He is bound by the Connecticut Constitution to have a budget that balances. To us, it is looking pretty clear that this one doesn’t.  Not even close.  How is that an ‘honest’ budget? How is that being truthful and transparent with the people of Connecticut?”

“We’re simply asking Gov. Lamont to live up to his word,” Sen. Witkos said.  “It’s a simple question: Do the numbers in this budget bill add up? If so, where is the evidence?  If not, then this budget is out of balance by hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The senators noted that on Jan. 9, Gov. Lamont made the following statement: “I want to be clear – no more funny math or budgetary gamesmanship. I come from the world of small business where the numbers have to add up at the end of the month or the lights go out.”

The senators noted that the alleged pension and health care savings in the state budget bill has not been agreed to yet officially by state union leadership.

Last week, Dan Livingston, chief negotiator for the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition, said in a statement issued by Gov. Lamont’s office that “we don’t consider it unreasonable for the budget to assume the parties will agree to this change.” Livingston added that “we have indicated our willingness to consider ‘win-win’ changes, including the pension funding proposal included in the budget.”

“So we’re balancing a budget on a $450 million assumption?” Sen. Fasano asked. “That assumption represents a gigantic budget hole. We’re balancing a budget on an indication of ‘willingness’? That doesn’t sound like a concrete deal. If there’s not a deal there cannot be a savings.  If there’s not a savings. then this budget is out of balance.  Gov. Lamont: Connecticut taxpayers deserve to know the truth. Democrats who voted for the budget last week apparently believed this $450,000,000 in savings was real. If the savings doesn’t exist, then why did Democrats vote ‘yes’?  Did they get duped? Or did they know about the non-existent savings and vote for it anyway?”