Fasano: No Surprise Budget will be Signed Behind Closed Doors

June 26, 2019

Not a Budget to be Proud Of


Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to Governor Lamont’s announcement that he will sign the Democrat-backed state budget into law today behind closed doors.


“It’s no surprise the governor is running to sign this budget as quick as he can before even more problems come to light. He’s signing it behind closed doors with no fanfare whatsoever because this is not a budget to be proud of. It doesn’t balance. It’s gimmick-laden. The whole document is a sham.


“If the governor were true to his word and all the promises he made to residents, he would veto this budget. He would veto it because it is unbalanced and sets up Connecticut for failure.


“I hope Gov. Lamont does not think by signing the bill he will stop the public from continuing to comb through this document and determine exactly how it will impact Connecticut residents. We will continue to bring sunlight to the hidden problems in this budget.”