Case, Miner Learn & Lunch with Winsted Seniors

June 11, 2019

Case, Miner Learn & Lunch with Winsted Seniors

WinstedState Rep. Jay Case (R-Winsted) and State Sen. Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) facilitated a “Lunch & Learn” event at the Winsted Senior Center on Monday, June 10th. The legislators met with area seniors to discuss the actions of the General Assembly during the 2019 Legislative Session, which adjourned last Wednesday.

“Winsted’s seniors are very concerned about the financial well-being of Connecticut and what the cost of living will look like in the coming years here in the Northwest Corner. If you’re on a fixed monthly or weekly income, then it’s going to be harder for you to make ends meet based on the aggressive tax expansions and increases approved in this year’s budget by the governor and Hartford Democrats,” explained Rep. Case.

“It was a pleasure meeting with the concerned citizens at the Winsted Senior Center,” said Miner. “I would have preferred to have been able to give them good news about the trajectory of the state, but the recently passed state budget puts us all on shaky footing. I assured them I will continue to fight to preserve the Social Security income tax exemption passed in the 2017 bipartisan budget and the Medicare Savings Plan.”

The governor’s proposed asset test on those applying for the Medicare Saving Plan was not included in the two-year budget approved by the legislature. However, the majority of the new fees and taxes that will be assessed on goods and services, like the new 10-cent fee tacked onto the sale of plastic bags, will have a chilling effect on those living solely from their earned pensions or retirement benefits. Consequently, Case and Miner opposed the budget when it came up for action in their respective chambers.

Despite having opposed the state budget, both Case and Miner approved a new law focused on ensuring emergency professionals are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. As a result, the state’s aging population will have greater protection and confidence while seeking medical treatments.

Throughout the discussion, great concern was expressed regarding Connecticut’s crumbling infrastructure. Regardless of the conclusion of the regular 2019 session, the legislature may re-convene in “special session” over the coming weeks to review a comprehensive transportation plan. The Democrats’ proposed electronic tolling plan had not received enough support to be brought up for an official vote during the regular session.