Senator Witkos Welcomes Descendants of former Avon State Rep. Chester R. Woodford

May 24, 2019


Hartford, CT – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) recently welcomed the great great grandchildren of former Avon State Representative Chester R. Woodford to the State Capitol.  Chester R. Woodford was recognized in 1919 as the oldest living legislator and was gifted a “loving cup” to mark the occasion.  The cup was given with the instruction that it be passed down to future generations and presented to the Legislature in 2019 to report on its safekeeping.


Senator Witkos was joined by State Representatives Leslee Hill (R-Canton) Tammy Exum (D-West Hartford) and descendants Randy Little of New Jersey, Susan Jansen, Janet Carville, and Barbara Ruppert, all of Avon.   The family had the opportunity to present the Loving Cup to Governor Lamont before Senator Witkos introduced them on the floor of the Senate and presented them with a citation to mark the occasion.


Chester R. Woodford was born in 1814 in an area of Farmington then known as Northington, this area later became incorporated as the town of Avon.  He worked as a clock salesman for a time, before returning to Connecticut and serving the town of Avon as First Selectman, Assessor, Tax Collector, and Justice of the Peace and ultimately as State Representative.  Chester Woodford tended the family farm on Nod Road, a farm which has been in the family continuously since 1666 and is now The Pickin Patch.


While in Illinois selling clocks, Chester Woodford was accused of selling clocks not manufactured in the state.  He employed the services of local attorney, and future president, Abraham Lincoln and was cleared of charges.


“I am very proud to have welcomed the great great grandchildren of Chester Woodford to the Capitol.  The Woodford family has a rich history in the town of Avon and in our state and it was an honor to be a part of this special day” said Senator Witkos.


Witkos renewed the charge asking that the cup be presented to the State Capitol in 2119 by future members of the Woodford family.