Senator Witkos Backs PTSD Legislation

May 13, 2019

Hartford, CT – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) has expressed his support of Senate Bill 164 An Act Including Certain Mental or Emotional Impairments Within the Definition of “Personal Injury” under the Workers Compensation Statutes.  The proposal has received the support of both labor groups and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.


“I’m so pleased with the work that has been done to craft this legislation and the efforts to bring together both labor and management.  The result is a bill which we all hope will lead to greater support for first responders who are experiencing PTSD” said Senator Witkos.


“As a former police officer and volunteer firefighter, I know firsthand the traumatic situations our first responders find themselves faced with on a near continuous basis.  It is vital that we work to ensure that when they are the ones in need of support, it is available to them.  I look forward to voting in support of this proposal. the Senator added.