Senator Hwang Applauds Senate Passage of Dyslexia Training Task Force

May 7, 2019


State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) released the following statement after the April 25th Senate passage of SB 1067 to establish a task force to analyze implementation of laws concerning dyslexia training for educators.

For the past several years, the General Assembly has passed legislation aimed at improving and increasing teacher preparation in regards to dyslexia recognition and instruction. This task force will ensure the laws that the General Assembly has implemented are being followed and will also make recommendations on how to improve our laws.

“This is a critical bill to ensure that the laws we pass in Connecticut to help those with learning disabilities are being followed,” said Senator Hwang. “I was happy to cosponsor this legislation in order to support my constituents who struggle with learning disabilities. The task force is a tool to ensure we are putting our money where our mouth is and that the good legislation we have passed are having the desired effect.”

Some of the recently passed laws that the task force will look at include 1) the twelve hours of instruction in the detection and recognition of dyslexia, 2) evidence-based structured literacy interventions for students with dyslexia and 3) a program to study the diagnosis and remediation of reading and language arts including supervised practicum hours and instruction in the 14 detection and recognition of, and evidence-based structured literacy 15 interventions for, students with dyslexia.

The task force will also look at the current in-service training and professional development models to make sure they are appropriate to help our teachers understand the needs of dyslexic students. The task force will be made up of experts in dyslexia and parents of students with dyslexia, appointed by legislative leaders. They will make recommendations to the Education Committee by January 1, 2021.