Sen. Rob Sampson Applauds Senate Passage of Bill 909, Allowing Online Courses for Real Estate Brokers

May 23, 2019

Hartford—State Senator Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) tonight applauded the senate passage of S.B. 909, which allows real estate brokers to fulfill their certification and continuing education requirements online. Currently, the state department of consumer protection requires prospective real estate brokers to take their courses in person, in a classroom. Current real estate brokers also have to perform their continuing education in a classroom. This bill would eliminate that requirement.

“I want to thank Senator Lesser and Senator Kelly for shepherding this bill through the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. I have proposed this legislation in previous sessions, and I believe it will help busy people pursue their dream to become real estate brokers,” said Sen. Sampson. “More and more people are choosing to go back to school and furthering their education online for all sorts of professions, why not real estate agents? I would also like to thank the Connecticut Realtors Association for seeing the value of this bill to bring more people in our state into this line of work.”