Sen. Kissel Supports Passage of Sunscreen Bill in the Senate

April 17, 2019


HARTFORD – During the April 17th Senate Session, legislators considered SB 922 An Act Allowing Students to Apply Sunscreen Prior to Engaging in Outdoor Activities. This legislation was proposed and co-sponsored by Senator John A. Kissel (R-07) who advocated for its passage on behalf of a constituent who brought the issue to his attention.

Under current law, students are only allowed to apply their own sunscreen at school if it is prescribed to them by a medical professional, leaving other students vulnerable to sunburn and other skin-related issues if they do not visit the school nurse to apply the sunscreen for them.

There are significant risks associated with ultraviolet (UV) exposure without the proper use of sunscreen. Research has indicated that UV damage accounts for over ninety percent of skin cancers and that 20% of Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, accompanied by high treatment costs. Access to sunscreen can reduce the chance of developing skin cancer by fifty percent.

“This bill is simply common sense and protects our children while they are at school. I admit, it may seem silly that the legislature has to get involved in issues like this, but this is an issue about parental choice and being able to protect our children from skin disease and I consider it an important measure. Thank you to Lori Gates of Enfield who brought this issue to our attention, and to my fellow legislators for supporting this measure,” said Sen. Kissel.

The bill was passed on the consent calendar during the April 17th, 2019 Senate Session and awaits a vote in the House.