Response to Union Petition for State Management of Paid Leave

April 22, 2019

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to the submission by state Department of Labor employees of a petition to Gov. Ned Lamont today which urges the governor to have the state Department of Labor manage any future paid leave program.

“This petition speaks to that fact that for some, paid family medical leave is not about creating a sustainable, effective and efficient benefits system. It’s about pumping more taxpayer dollars into state government to hire more state employees, even if that means less money for actual paid family medical leave benefits.

“If a private company can manage a paid family medical leave program at a lower cost with better results, why should the governor reject that direction? Why should the only path forward be one that involves hiring more state employees and putting more on the state’s credit card?

“These demands by union leaders show that many in state government are not focused on creating the most effective and efficient paid family medical leave system. They are focused on adding more state employees at all costs. In addition, at a time when the Department of Labor lacks the ability to manage even its current responsibilities according to the state auditors, we should all have serious concerns about this department potentially managing any new program, especially one as massive as paid family medical leave.”