An Alternative to Tolls: Make your voice heard!

April 23, 2019

Public Hearing Alert! Support Transportation WITHOUT Tolls or New Taxes

Think Connecticut needs to improve transportation, but can’t afford tolls?

Want to see better roads and bridges without having to pay more taxes?

Prioritize Progress offers a pathway forward.

Prioritize Progress is a transportation funding plan that would invest $65 billion in transportation over the next 30 years with NO TOLLS and NO NEW TAXES by reprioritizing Connecticut’s investments to support needs over wants. It is the only plan that would allow Connecticut to start improving the state’s infrastructure today, without asking for any more from taxpayers.

On Friday, the legislature will hold a public hearing on Prioritize Progress.

You can submit testimony online to show your support:

  • Send a brief email to [email protected] urging lawmakers to support “Prioritize Progress” to fund transportation without tolls.
  • Put “I Support Senate Bill 1121” in the subject line.
  • Include your name and town.

Connecticut needs to invest in transportation, and we can do it without increasing taxes on CT residents.

Click here to learn more about Prioritize Progress.