Statement from State Senator Henri Martin Following Transportation Committee Public Hearing on Tolls

March 7, 2019

State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) released the following statement following the March 6th Public Hearing in the Transportation Committee concerning two bills related to Highway Tolls.

“After this public hearing, I remain strongly opposed to instituting tolls on all of Connecticut’s major roadways. Adding a highway mileage tax onto our already over-taxed residents is simply unacceptable, especially considering other options we have for revitalizing Connecticut’s infrastructure that were never considered,” said Senator Martin (R-31).

“Study after study has shown that Connecticut residents will pay 70% of the $1 billion revenue target. Out-of-staters may even pay less when we factor in the fact that anyone can buy a Connecticut EZ Pass and reap the same ‘discounts’ proposed for Connecticut commuters. And because this whole proposal is geared towards that revenue target, what happens when revenue falls short? Prices go up.”

Prioritize Progress will provide more funding with no taxes and no tolls. It will eliminate most of the political handouts from our typical bonding operations, and will prioritize the projects we need most urgently and will add the most value to our state over the long term. Governor Lamont and the Transportation Committee leaders have not even considered this proposal that we have adjusted and perfected year after year to be a smart, responsible alternative to new revenues or new taxes.”

“The Governor has manufactured the ‘necessity’ of tolls by diverting the car sales tax revenue from the STF to the General Fund. What happened to the Transportation Lockbox that taxpayers ratified in last year’s election? That diversion is a deliberate effort to undermine Prioritize Progress and emphasize a need for tolls, even though we would not see revenues from tolls for five years.”

“I look forward to finding a solution for our infrastructure problems that does not rely on taxing our residents.”