Senator Martin “I think he’s sabotaging our plan.” (Journal Inquirer)

March 7, 2019

Martin 2019-02-05 Toll Press Conference HRO (3 of 17)Excerpts from the article as it appears in the Journal Inquirer:

HARTFORD — The debate over electronic tolling rages on at the Capitol, but Republican leaders say they don’t think there will be a single Republican vote in favor of the proposal in either chamber of the General Assembly.

A public hearing on the issue was to be held today in the Legislative Office Building. The hearing was to begin at 11 a.m. and was expected to continue for hours.

The hearing includes time to comment on two proposals: one that would enact Gov. Ned Lamont’s plan to place tolls on interstates 84, 95, and 91, as well as parts of Route 15, and the second that would create the Connecticut Transportation Finance Authority that would have the power to approve a statewide transportation plan.

If the General Assembly approves the latter measure this session, the Department of Motor Vehicles would develop a transportation plan, which would be the subject of an informational hearing next year. After the hearing, that plan would be deemed approved after 15 days if there is no vote by the General Assembly.

Sen. Henri Martin, R-Bristol, said he believes Lamont’s budget proposal, which includes diverting vehicle sales taxes from the Special Transportation Fund, is a deliberate attempt to undermine the Republican’s plan and an attempt to emphasize the need for tolls.

“I think he’s sabotaging our plan,” Martin said of the governor.