Sen. Tony Hwang Co-sponsors Bill to Protect Police K-9s (News12)

March 13, 2019

Article as it appears on News12

Proposed bill would allow paramedics to work on and transport injured K-9s

CONNECTICUT – A proposed bill in Connecticut would allow paramedics to work on injured K-9 officers and transport them by ambulance to veterinary hospitals.

Right now, officers are allowed to treat their K-9s on scene and transport them using their squad cars.

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick and state Sen. Tony Hwang co-sponsored the bill. If passed, it would allow paramedics to treat K-9s injured in the line of duty on scene and also transport them in an ambulance to a veterinary hospital.

Only a handful of states, including New York, have passed similar legislation.

K-9 Bill Proposal

Those laws would allow the transport of K-9s only if people are not in need of an ambulance at that time.

Connecticut’s bill was introduced earlier this month at a Public Health Committee hearing.

If it makes it out of committee, the bill would need approval from both the state house and senate before heading to the governor’s desk.