State Senator Craig Miner Reacts to Governor Lamont’s Budget Address

February 20, 2019

Hartford—State Senator Craig Miner today reacted to Governor Lamont’s budget address.

“Governor Lamont ran on promising bold, new change, and Republican legislators were willing to give him a chance to keep his promises,” said Sen. Miner. “Unfortunately this budget proposal is neither bold nor new. Almost every major idea is recycled from the Malloy Administration. What’s more, with his proposal to toll all vehicles, it seems Governor Lamont doesn’t seem to feel bound by the promises he made on the campaign. That’s another throwback to the bad-old-days of his predecessor.

“This proposal takes us back. It eliminates the Social Security tax exemption which Republicans fought to put into the 2017 bipartisan budget. That was real relief for people who are struggling to make ends meet, and the Governor’s budget proposes to do away with that.”