Hold on to your wallets: New tax proposals being floated at the Capitol

February 3, 2019


Hold on to your wallets: New tax proposals being floated at the Capitol


Elections have consequences.


With the 2019 legislative session now underway, we are getting a first look at some of the tax proposals Democrat lawmakers are pursuing here in Connecticut.


So far, we’ve seen the following Democrat proposals:


  1. Increase the sales taxDemocrats have filed a bill to increase the sales tax rate to 6.85%. (Senate Bill No. 475)


  1. Create a new statewide property taxOne Democrat proposal includes a new statewide tax on real estate, on top of local property taxes. (Senate Bill No. 431)


  1. Increase property taxes in cities and towns: A bill marketed as a way to change the state’s car tax structure would result in higher property taxes for many. The bill includes provisions to reduce certain assessed property values in towns and cities, thereby forcing municipalities to increase mill rates leading to higher property taxes on everyone. (Senate Bill No. 431)


  1. Install tollsA Democrat sponsored bill to install tolls has been proposed that would require all drivers to pay. While details are still up in the air, the bill’s introducer estimates a cost of $600 per year for the average Connecticut resident. Since Connecticut cannot install border tolls, we know these tolls will have to be on roadways throughout our state. Early estimates from state officials last year suggest 60% of toll revenue would be paid by state residents and tolls would be placed on major roadways, with a DOT study pricing out 82 tolling locations across CT.  (Senate Bill No. 102)


I have serious concerns about the combined impact of these proposals on growing Connecticut’s economy, creating jobs, and providing opportunity for people to thrive in our state.


There will be opportunities to testify on these proposals to make your voice heard.


Keep an eye out for emails from me with information about public hearings and opportunities to share your opinions.


Have thoughts on these proposals now?


Starting Monday, share your thoughts with Democrat legislative leaders:


Senate Democrat Office: 800-842-1420


House Democrat Office:  800-842-1902