Want to see what Forced CT School Regionalization could look like?

January 31, 2019

Connecticut Democrats have proposed multiple bills to force towns to regionalize school districts.

One bill would force any school district with less than 2,000 students to regionalize (impacting an estimated 84 towns).

Another bill would force any town with a population of less than 40,000 to consolidate with other towns to form new school districts matching the state probate court districts shown below (impacting an estimated 144 towns).



Forcing towns and cities to regionalize their school districts without considering their unique needs creates a whole host of problems:

  • Less time in the classroom and more time on the school bus.
  • A negative impact on the quality of education our students receive.
  • The potential loss of local control over school decision making.
  • All of which could result in fewer teachers.

I will let you know once a public hearing is scheduled so you can submit testimony or testify in person at the State Capitol.

To talk to the lawmakers who proposed these bills, contact Senate Democrats at 800-842-1420.

Always feel free to share your thoughts with my office as well.