(Listen) Sen. Tony Hwang with Brad & Paul Talking Possible Education Cost Redistribution

January 8, 2019

Listen to Senator Hwang on AM 1360 Talk of Connecticut with Brad Davis and Paul Pacelli.

Sen. Tony Hwang said he would not support a redistribution of teacher pensions to the communities, would fight to ensure the stability of the Education Cost Share funding, and he would operate on the premise that education is a paramount priority and every child in every town should have the resources for a quality education.

Referring to a comment he heard from the governor-elect, in which Mr. Lamont said he would no longer subsidize more affluent communities regarding education, Mr. Hwang advised caution as towns in his district develop their budget. Sen. Hwang advocates for proactive communication and hoped municipalities would be loud and clear when expressing the idea that towns and cities should not be burdened with extra expenses.