Berthel Letter in the Republican-American: Don’t be surprised if state lawmakers propose ‘text tax’

December 24, 2018

Is a text tax coming to Connecticut? It sounds like a joke, but the California Public Utilities Commission recommended (a recommendation it has since withdrawn) imposing a new tax on text messages to make up a shortfall in the commission’s budget.

Of course, the commission didn’t call the proposal a “text tax.” It was a “user fee for text message services” that would have been tacked on to every Californian’s monthly bill.

It seems whenever liberals try to sell us on a new tax, they call it a “user fee.” Have you noticed Connecticut Democrats have started calling tolls “road user fees”?

Connecticut isn’t facing a text tax – yet – but it will be an uphill battle to fight all the other expensive ideas about to be proposed in Hartford. As always, I’ll fight for fiscal restraint and against new taxes.

People ask me what big bill will be debated first in the legislature after we convene in January. My guess is the sale of recreational marijuana. Of course, that bill’s proponents aren’t suggesting Connecticut tax marijuana. They insist it’s only a token fee.

Sen. Eric C. Berthel