Suzio: CT DOT Commissioner “May Have Made Up” Toll Revenue Stats

November 1, 2018

Suzio Says CT DOT Commissioner “May Have Made Up” Revenue Stats

Which Led to Passage of $10 M Toll Study Bonding


Files FOI Complaint Against CT DOT


“The public has a right to know.”


Sen. Len Suzio, the Vice-Chair of the Legislature’s Transportation Committee, today filed a Freedom of Information complaint (attached) against Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Department of Transportation Commissioner for failure to comply with multiple requests for data concerning the state’s $10 million toll study.

“More than three months ago, DOT Commissioner James Redeker spoke before the State Bond Commission and urged the panel to borrow $10 million in taxpayer money to conduct yet another toll study,” Suzio said.  “Commissioner Redeker said that a 3.5 cent per mile toll on Connecticut highways would generate $1 billion in revenue for the state. Those numbers seemed to be way out of whack to me, yet State Bond Commission members relied upon them when they voted in favor of borrowing the $10 million. Since that day in July, I have repeatedly called upon DOT to offer any figures to support Redeker’s claim.  I have been stonewalled every step of the way.  At this point, I think Commissioner Redeker may have made up those numbers.”

In the complaint to the state FOI Commission, Suzio asks, “If the information was reliable enough for the Commissioner to make a definitive public statement during a public meeting, it is reliable enough to be made available to the public. How can a public official refer in public testimony to information that only he has access to and which is important to public policy? Indeed, the governor asked the Commissioner to speak in front of the Bond Commission to influence its decision on the toll study borrowing. The public has a right to know what information the Commissioner relied upon when making his public statements.”

Sen. Suzio represents Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, Middletown and Rockfall.  On the web: .