Quaker Hill School celebrates and honors veterans

November 13, 2018

Each year, Quaker Hill School celebrates and honors veterans by engaging in a fun-filled day for the students. The day starts with a parade down to the Quaker Hill Green. Students are accompanied by veterans, current members of the US Military, family members, members of the Quaker Hill Fire Department and Waterford Police Department. At the Quaker Hill Green, a wreath is laid to honor our veterans while members of the Quaker Hill School Band play a song. Once students return to school, they assemble in the gymnasium to honor invited veterans. The chorus sings patriotic songs and visiting veterans receive drawings from our students, followed by treats in the cafeteria. Throughout the day students enjoy activities such as read-alouds, learning about flag etiquette from members of the US Coast Guard and they write letters to US veterans serving overseas. The letters and drawings will accompany Halloween candy students donate (over 150 pounds last year!) and get shipped to US troops overseas. The entire day is rewarding for all and it gives students a greater appreciation for our great country and for those who serve every day.

I was honored to be there!

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