CTVeterans Mobile App Connects Vets to Services

November 9, 2018


This weekend, parades and ceremonies provide us an opportunity to show our respect for those who have served our country in the military and to thank them for that service. We owe our veterans immense gratitude for the sacrifices they made to defend our country, its freedoms, and our way of life.

I would like to take this time to let you know about the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The app connects veterans and residents to crisis services over the phone, through text message, or online chat. It also includes a list of services available through the app, as well as an interactive map of veterans clinics and hospitals in Connecticut.

You can find more information by following this link: https://portal.ct.gov/DVA/Pages/CTVeterans-Mobile-App

Information about discounts and events available for veterans on November 11 and during the month of November can be found here:https://www.courant.com/features/food/hc-ctnow-veterans-day-deals-20181010-story.html

God bless our veterans and the United States of America.

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