“82 tolls, Jim? Isn’t that a lot?”

November 26, 2018

Outgoing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Transportation Commissioner James Redeker doesn’t want you to focus on the potential 82 tolls that could one day be everywhere in our state.

He said so during an interview with NBC Connecticut reporter Max Reiss on Reiss’s “Face The Facts” show.

The video is attached.  Scroll to the 14:56 mark.


Reiss: “82 tolls, Jim?  Isn’t that a lot?”

Redeker:  “That’s the wrong focus.”

Reiss: “How is that the wrong focus?”

Redeker: “The rate per mile is lower (than other states).  It’s the rate per mile that matters.”

What do you think of the 82 potential CT tolls? 

If approved, Connecticut would be the only state in the entire country that would have tolls on every limited access road!

This will be another titanic battle next year, and the only thing that will stop it will be public reaction…reaction from taxpayers like YOU.

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