On 9/11, Remember Those Who Died, Thank Those Who Serve

September 11, 2018

911Flag (3)

Seventeen years ago today, we saw the worst terrorist attack on US soil. Commercial airplanes became weapons of mass destruction to destroy buildings and all inside. Innocent Americans perished for no reason other than the fact that they were Americans. Heroic first responders ran into burning and collapsing buildings. Some never came out.

In a field in Pennsylvania lie the remains of 40 Americans who defied the plans of the hijackers of Flight 93. Their efforts to take back the plane likely saved hundreds or thousands more lives.

Today, remember all the lives lost on this day. Also, think of those who serve this country in many different ways. Thank those who spend each day keeping us safe here and abroad.

Remember how Americans came together in the days, weeks, and months that followed 9/11. Remember that this nation is greater and stronger than one day in its history.

God bless America