Holocaust and Genocide Education to Be in High School Curriculum This Year

September 7, 2018


This past year and as recently as this last month, our communities have seen the disturbing recurrence of racist and hateful graffiti and propaganda left by nameless, faceless individuals. It’s believed that some of these horrible acts may be perpetrated by young people who, perhaps saw swastikas in video games and don’t fully understand the history and meaning of this appalling symbol.

This school year, legislation I spearheaded to combat this problem will be implemented in all Connecticut public high schools. Information specifically about the Holocaust, including the torture and murder of millions of Jews, as well as other genocides will be taught to high school students. PA 18-24, An Act Concerning the Inclusion of Holocaust and Genocide Education and Awareness in the Social Studies Curriculum, was passed unanimously in the Senate and House this year. Organizations like Voices of Hope and the Jewish Federation of Connecticut, which supported this legislation, have offered to provide free materials to help schools teach students about these atrocities.

I believe educating people about the Holocaust and the other horrendous genocides will help us end racist and hateful acts. And while this law requires schools to teach our students, I believe that we, as parents, grandparents, and members of our community can also play a role. We can ask children what they are learning in school and find occasions to talk about what happened.

It’s said that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. I believe we can make sure that doesn’t happen.

All the best,