Emergency Preparedness Vital All Year Long

September 17, 2018

Dear Friend,

As we enter the height of the Atlantic hurricane and storm season, I’d like to share some utility and emergency contact information with you.



United Illuminating

As with any outage, restoration can take time, but the information above will allow you to track the progress.


Visit the State of Connecticut’s Emergency Preparedness Website for:

  • information about how the state prepares and responds to various disasters
  • download emergency preparedness guides,
  • sign up for alerts,
  • check on current conditions,
  • learn about state resources and
  • download emergency preparedness apps for your Apple or Android device

For links to Connecticut city and town websites, please click here

In the meantime, stay safe by:

  • Keeping at least 10 feet away from downed wires!
  • Staying inside your vehicle if a power line falls it.  Don’t touch anything outside the vehicle and wait for emergency crews.
  • Calling 9-1-1 immediately with any emergency condition.
  • Checking your generator before you need to use it. Generators should be installed by a licensed electrician. Always operate generators outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide hazards.

Stay safe and contact my office with any concerns.