State Senator Toni Boucher and Republicans in Hartford Prevented Millions in Cuts to the Towns of the 26th Senate District

August 3, 2018

Did you know that one of my toughest jobs representing you in the legislature is playing defense? That was definitely the case this year.

When Governor Malloy presented his state budget in February of this year, he proposed cutting millions of dollars in state funding to the towns of the 26th Senate District. The Governor also proposed making communities throughout the state pay $400 million toward the Teachers’ Retirement Fund.

The Teacher’s Retirement Fund was a committment the state made with Connecticut teachers, but Governor Malloy wanted to push that cost and others on to local government that would have been forced to raise your property taxes.

The proposed cuts and contribution to the Teachers’ Retirement Fund would have cost:

Bethel $3.3

New Canaan $3.5

Redding $1.2

Ridgefield $4.4

Weston $2.2

Westport $5.4

Wilton $3.9

However, my Republican colleagues and I fought back against the eacher pension payments and the Governor’s cuts. As a result, the budget passed by the legislature saved:

Bethel $2.9 million

New Canaan $3.5 million

Redding $1.2 million

Ridgefield $4.3 million

Weston $2.2 million

Westport $5.3 million

Wilton $3.8 million

It is my honor to fight for you and I will continue to look out for your best interests.