Sen. McLachlan Praises Eco-Friendly Danbury Toy Maker

August 1, 2018
Sen. McLachlan at Luke's Toy Factory

(left to right) Luke’s Toy Factory founder Jim Barber shows State Sen. Michael McLachlan one of the educational toys made by the company as son and designer Luke Barber looks on.

DANBURY – State Senator Michael McLachlan hailed Luke’s Toy Factory in Danbury for creating educational toys that eschews fancy electronics in favor of designs that help develop children’s imagination. The toys are designed and all components are made in the United States.

“I was impressed that the toy trucks are actually puzzles that children can take apart and put back together and mix and match with other toys from Luke’s Toy Factory,” Sen. McLachlan said. “Rather than staring at a screen or pushing buttons to make a toy ‘do’ something, children are the doers. They are using their hands and imagination. They are the creators. It’s a simple, but brilliant product. And it’s made right here in Danbury, Connecticut.”

Sen. McLachlan  recently toured the Danbury manufacturer to learn more about the company that made New York Magazine’s December 2017 list of “Surprising, Delightful, and Weird Holiday Gifts Under $50.” Individual toy trucks list for less than $20 each.

“Jim Barber said he was advised to have the toys made in China because it would be cheaper,” Sen. McLachlan said. “Instead, he committed to creating a quality, American-made product that is also ecologically friendly and safe for the children who play with them. Danbury is fortunate to have an operation that is dedicated to American workers and American values.”

Barber founded Luke’s Toy Factory with his son Luke Barber and longtime colleague Mitch Achiron and his son Evan Achiron. The toys are made from a composite material made from sawdust and plastic and uses colors that are molded into the material so parents don’t have to worry about flaking or chipping paint that may end up in a toddler’s mouth.

“I want to thank the Barbers and Achirons for showing me how they design and assemble educational children’s toys right here in Danbury,” Sen. McLachlan said. “It was an educational experience for me as well.”

Sen. McLachlan represents the 24th State Senatorial District, which includes the communities of Bethel, Danbury, New Fairfield, and Sherman.