Save the Date: The 2018 Tax-Free Week Begins August 19

August 9, 2018

Tax-free week

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Connecticut’s 18th Annual Tax-Free Week begins on August 19 and ends on August 25. Items of everydayclothing and footwear that cost less than $100 are exempt from the state’s 6.35% sales tax.

First enacted in 2000, Tax-Free Week  has become a popular time for back-to-school shopping and for people who may have want to get a head start of the holidays by putting clothing and shoes on layaway. The tax-free status also applies to clothing and shoes bought on the Internet during the week.

Not all clothing and shoe purchases qualify for tax-free status. Some of these are:

  • Athletic gear and uniforms,
  • Specialty shoes like cleats, ballet, and bowling
  • Accessories like jewelry, handbags, and backpacks

Because tax-free status applies to each individual piece of clothing, the savings can really add up if you are buying multiple outfits.

All clothing retailers in Connecticut should be aware of tax-free week and the items that apply. If you have questions, or would like to take a list of exempt and non-0exempt items with you when you shop, you can print this page from the Department of Revenue Services. You also can call DRS with any questions at (800) 382-9463.

As always, yo9u can contact about this or any other concerns you have about state government at (800) 842-1412 or [email protected].