CT Port Authority Releases Five Year State Maritime Strategy

August 9, 2018


Eight Point Plan Maps Goals and Priorities

The Connecticut Port Authority, in accordance with its enabling legislation, has developed and delivered a five-year state Maritime Strategy to Governor Dannel Malloy and the state legislature.

The plan sets out eight key goals as the CPA leads the mission to expand Connecticut’s economy and create jobs through strategic investment in the state’s three deepwater ports and small harbors.

“Since the establishment of the Port Authority, we have taken important steps to better understand the full potential of our state’s maritime economy and we have made a focused effort to direct resources towards projects and programs that align with the goal of improving the Connecticut job market,” said Scott Bates the chairman of the CPA board. “The five year strategy we are delivering today builds on that foundation and prioritizes our goals for our partners, stakeholders and policy makers.”

The CPA’s five year Maritime Strategy identifies eight objectives that will provide a roadmap for the authority’s investment decisions and resource allocations.

The full report can be accessed on the authority’s website: ctportauthority.com


  • Manage the State Pier to Increase Utilization and Profitability
    Redevelop State Pier in New London to create long-term stable jobs and maximize the potential links between the port, freight rail and highway transportation systems throughout the region.
  • Build More Volume in Our Commercial Ports
    Continue to build upon Connecticut’s historical strengths while meeting the changing needs of business, and building a diverse and sustainable set of services.
  • Support Dredging of Connecticut’s Ports and Waterways
    Work with partners, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to invest in and support dredging projects that will sustain and increase the use of ports, waterways and marinas.
  • Support Small Harbor Improvement Projects Program (SHIPP)
    Support municipalities and recreational marine industries by continuing support for Connecticut’s small harbors through funding requests and operational support for future rounds of SHIPP grants.
  • Create Intermodal Options
    Explore and develop innovative solutions to enhance intermodal shipping options that create efficient and cost-effective opportunities for distributing containerized cargo along Connecticut’s coastline.
  • Leverage Emerging Opportunities
    Continue to monitor the landscape for port usage and be nimble in responding to potential opportunities.
  • Enhance Ferry Systems and Cruise Coordination Activities
    Evaluate ways in which Connecticut can expand its partnership with ferry, cruise service operators and booking agents, while investing in facilities and infrastructure.
  • Ensure Future Support of the CPA
    Work with Connecticut’s elected officials at the federal, state and local level to ensure the port authority is authorized and funded to sufficiently support for our objectives for long-term economic growth.


The marketplace is beginning to notice that the state of Connecticut now has a focused approach to growing the maritime economy,” said Evan Matthews, executive director of the Port Authority. “It is critically important that we build on this momentum and this five-year strategy sends a clear signal that Connecticut understands the value of its maritime assets and is committed to integrating its ports and small harbors with the state’s transportation system.”

The leadership of the Connecticut Port Authority will use the five-year strategic plan as a touch stone for all decisions related to port development going forward. The executive and legislative branches of government will also use this strategy as a guidepost when developing policy related to the state’s maritime economy and integrated transportation system.

“Nurturing Connecticut’s maritime industry is an important step in growing Connecticut’s economy and creating jobs,” said Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme). “I thank the Connecticut Port Authority for their efforts to identify a strategy to revitalize our ports and waterways, and in particular to redevelop the New London State Pier, which will prepare southeastern Connecticut for potential new jobs and long term opportunities for growth. A healthy maritime industry is an important piece of the puzzle to make our state more competitive, grow jobs, boost economic develop and improve transportation. I look forward to continuing to work with the Port Authority, fellow lawmakers and state leaders to ensure Connecticut’s maritime industry remains a top priority.”

“Connecticut’s ports and harbors represent tremendous untapped economic potential,” Governor Malloy said. “This Maritime Strategy will help ensure that we make targeted, smart investments in our marine infrastructure that will help strengthen our coastal communities and create jobs. I am proud that the state is already investing in the revitalization of the State Pier to make it a hub for the burgeoning offshore wind industry, and I am confident that this plan will only reinforce our commitment to growing our maritime economy. I commend Chairman Bates, Executive Director Matthews, and the Port Authority board members for their good work in developing a common sense strategy.”

“This study will ensure that Connecticut has a roadmap to follow for investing in Connecticut’s commercial ports and deep water ports, which will stimulate economic activity, grow jobs and result in fewer trucks on our roadways,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Martin  M. Looney (D-New Haven).  “Just as Connecticut has made a concerted effort over the past few years to grow jobs in our manufacturing and biotech sectors, now it is time for us to focus on our maritime economy.”

About the Connecticut Port Authority

The Connecticut Port Authority is a quasi-public agency whose mission is to grow Connecticut’s economy and create jobs by strategically investing in the state’s three deepwater ports and small harbors. For more information visit www.ctportauthority.com.