A 66-Year Old ‘Know-Nothing’ from Meriden…

August 2, 2018

A 66-year old retired educator emailed me.

She wrote to express outrage at outgoing Gov. Malloy’s attempt to put $10 million on our state taxpayer credit card to “study” tolls.

She referred to herself as “A Know-Nothing from Meriden”.

Gov. Malloy refers to toll opponents as “Know-Nothings”, but the “Know-Nothings” know a lot more than he gives them credit for.

Some of those “Know-Nothings”, like the woman who emailed me, are retired educators.

Are YOU a “Know-Nothing” too?

Send me YOUR “Know-Nothing” questions and observations at [email protected]

Include your name and town.

I am listening.

I will make sure the governor sees them.

It is an honor to represent “Know-Nothing” taxpayers like you.